1) "Packs" include sump pans only. SAVE up to 90% on shipping costs. 

2) "Plus Packs" include sump pans, roof drains, couplings and mounting hardware. SAVE up to 80% on shipping 

3)  The "Plus Packs" have the DEEPEST DISCOUNTS on all products

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  • 1) Buy an LSP Double Pack (sump pans only) and your second sump pan ships   FREE. 100% SAVINGS!! 
  • Bundled and ready to ship...

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  • * buy (10) SSP galv steel sump pans, previous version @ $99.00 each. SAVE $61.00 on each sump pan. Call for details. First come - first served. 
  • *SSP four pack (sump pans only) on special @ $129.00 per unit, retails at $160.00  
  • *SSP six pack  (sump pans only) on special @  $125.00 per unit,  retails at $160.00 

SALE ends 6/30/2016. Applies to U.S. purchases only including Alaska and Hawaii 

all specials are bundled and ready to ship


  • 1) ALL sump pans are galvanized steel unless specified otherwise
  • 2) ALL "plus packs" include:
    • a) sump pan(s), 
    • b) 2"- 4" bottom outlet, no-hub, cast iron roof drain(s)
    • c) standard grade no-hub couplings
    • d) drain-to-pan hardware 
    • e) Sump pans and roof drains may be shipped separately

OPTIONS to the above: 

    • a) stainless steel and aluminum metals, (all sump pans only, special order)
    • b) side outlet roof drains (15" roof drains are special order)
    • c) threaded adapter for side outlet roof drains (large only) special order 
    • d) Large pipe outlet roof drains, 6", 8", 10". (for 15" roof drains, special order)
    • e) heavy duty no-hub couplings. (All roof drain models, generally in stock)
    • f) all usual shipping options are available. 

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 *** All sump pan products shown (exclusive of roof drains) are covered under a valid and in-force United States patent. Unauthorized fabrication of any sump pan shown here is a violation of applicable law and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ***  

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