with the  FASTEST and EASIEST System On The Market !!

Eliminate Standing Rainwater on Your Flat Roof 

 Improve Your Roof Drains Efficency


This is a FAST, FAST, FAST and EASY System

If you are a contractor and you are still building wood sump boxes, you are wasting valuable production time ! 

These products are the only roof drain accessory on the market that incorporates this unique engineered sump feature into each roof drain sump pan. 

Lowering your flat roof drains below the surface of the surrounding flat roof can DRAMATICALLY improve the roof drains' performance and permanently eliminate standing rainwater on your flat roof, potentially saving THOUSANDS of dollars in unnecessary roof repairs. 

These unique and versatile products will lower not only your primary or main roof drains but also your combination roof drains without modification to the roof or framing. SEE THE PHOTOS TO THE RIGHT...


These roof drain sump pans do exactly what they are supposed to do. Find your low spot, drop it in, seal it up and the standing rain water disappers. Fast, easy and cost effective.  J.R. Roofing contractor: 

Why didn't somebody come up with this idea before now? We will never build a wood sump box again!!  It takes 10 minutes to drop in the small single roof drain and sump pan and we're back to roofing. BIG time saver, pays for itself... L.D. Roofing contractor 

As a property owner, I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I have spent trying to resolve the large pools of standing rain water on my flat roof with no lasting permanent results. They build up the low area and a pond develops somewhere else. Who does that? The sump pans lowered the roof drains and no more standing rain water. They work great!!  M.V. property owner.  

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roof drain sump pans LSP - Large Single Roof Drain Sump Pan
SSP - Small Single Sump PanLSP Large Single Sump Pan




SCP- Small Double Sump Pan LCP- Large Double Sump Pan
SCP- Small Double Sump PanLCP- Large Double Sump Pan

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roof drain sump pans Josam Large roof drain
Small single roof drainJosam Large roof drain

Fits model SSP roof drain sump pan

Fits sump pan models LSP and LCP...



LSP - Large Single Sump Pan and primary roof drain roof drain sump pan
Zurn Z-100 Large single roof drainSmall Combination Roof Drain

Fits sump pan models LSP and LCP.  

Fits model SCP roof drain sump pan 




No-Hub Couplings, Standard o-Hub Couplings, Heavy duty
No-Hub Couplings, Standardo-Hub Couplings, Heavy duty

Standard duty no-hub couplings are used to join lenghts of cast iron pipe and fittings. Plumbing code approved for drain, waste and vent usage. Available in sizes 2" thru 8". Price shown is for a 4" coupling. 

Heavy duty no-hub couplings are used to join lenghts of cast iron pipe and fittings. Plumbing code approved for drain, waste and vent usage. Available in sizes 2" thru 8". 



Threaded adapter (thread x no-hub)
Threaded adapter (thread x no-hub)

This is a required accessory for the large, side outlet roof drains if you are using cast iron piping for your installation. Available in sizes 2" thru 8". Click for more info.  


 *** All sump pan products shown (exclusive of roof drains) are covered under a valid and in-force United States patent. Unauthorized fabrication of any sump pan shown here is a violation of applicable law and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ***